The small shred of perceived humanity in a narcissist is why it’s difficult. Your regular and normal mind views them as a fellow human being, and there are of course the legal consequences (and issues with morality) of just squashing them underfoot and carrying the mess to the toilet, flushing it down, and going back to whatever relaxing activity you were enjoying before their unwelcome intrusion in your life. Obviously, no grade of bug spray can work with them, at least not if you follow the instructions as spraying them down will only generate anger and very possibly violence so it is ill advised.narcissist


They know how to lie so well, and the worst of the worst ones have a tag team with either their mom or dad or a friend, so two is harder to beat than one who has already made themselves so appealing to everyone outside your relationship. If their hypocrisy does not blind and entrap you the first few times you try to get rid of them (and this happens to even the most stoic among us) then their mentally breaking down your spirit will, as you end up literally too damaged and worn out to walk away.

The best chance of disinfection from a narcissist is to rip out all the attaching cords, which hurts like hell even without throwing in joint financial ventures, kids, shared property, and a history long enough to make you wonder if you were being stupid, under a spell, or in a coma. But you should never beat yourself down because that is what they want. They need you to feel weak, powerless, confused, pointless, obscure, and stranded without them. They want you to wonder how you will edit your résumés if you leave them. If you will ever get a job all by yourself. Will you really manage to handle all the bills and organization without them in your life? How will you raise the kids without their guiding hand to help you along?

narcissistBut you need to open your eyes, and you will see that you’ve actually been doing all of these and more all by yourself- the narcissist just made a show and stopped nagging you long enough that you had the mental space to handle these activities while with them, so let go of the warped imagination that they messed up your mind with.

Taking a step back to breathe the clean air and drink the pure water that has not been poisoned by their gaslighting, manipulation, duplicity, and abuse sometimes helps you clear your mind long enough to see what you need to do to rid yourself of this disease once and for all.

The first step is clearing your vision because then you will be able to see the soft nasty fluids and organs pulsing under the tough and shiny exoskeleton of their masks that they wear to fool the world. You should see beyond that perfect smile, those well ironed and matching clothes that fit just right, and see right past the warmth and charisma that makes passers by, family, and friends jealous of your ‘catch’. Understand that the warmth when they hold you has just been leeched off of you at some point, or even someone else. Realize that the loving look in their eyes when they say they have changed is just a mist and will clear away if they blink a second too soon, try to see through it, but be careful not to recoil in horror when you see the endless darkness lying beneath.

Once they know that you know, the fighter jets will be summoned and you will be lucky to survive mentally and walk away from this, so act like you don’t know. Pretend to go along until you can make a clean getaway when they snooze because otherwise, they hold on to you like their life source because you actually are. Without you, they don’t know how to ‘be human’ and act like regular people. They are some kind of emotional vampires that drain you of all your will to live, your imagination, joy, and all emotions as they cannot generate these on their own.narcissist

Summary: It is harder to get rid of narcissists because they seem human and appeal to your humanity and everyone else’s for that matter, whereas a cockroach infestation has multiple methods to deal with thanks to modern science and our extensive knowledge of chemicals and controlled substances. It is also illegal to kill a narcissist while it is not illegal to kill a cockroach.

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