Hello my dears!! It’s been hot, dry, and generally terrible over the past few days, and I feel like I’m barely holding on….

Anyway, I will mention in this post about hanging out at the boyfriend’s office once or twice and getting strange vibes from him, so at the end of the day I composed myself and asked him if he feels uncomfortable hanging out with me in public, around his friends etc.

He took a deep breath and I had my answer, so when he finally spoke it I was not particularly surprised.

He said it was not right among his friends to be constantly seen with his girl all the time, as it would deduct points from his man-card and all.

He said, society had made it out to be that the woman stays at home (screwing the gardener, I presume lol) while the man goes out to bring money and food home. If he is

..to life

always seen with his woman in tow, the other guys will start to avoid him, as they will feel that he is pu$$y-whipped, and as they avoid him so will the networking opportunities become less available.

I was honestly dismayed because this made sense, and as much as I don’t like it that’s the way it is.

So I swallowed the hurt and fixed my face and let go of that, but still it makes me feel bad every now and then, because it was not the same case when we were still dating; very few places were out of bounds for me.

only the face

Though when I think of it maybe it seemed like that because we were not living in the same damn house, using up each other’s air and generally subjecting each other to a lower standard of life lol.

So today’s post is like a lamentation of love lost, not due to his misdemeanours and general assholery but due to the society we live in today, in which it’s pretty much illegal to spend time with the woman you married or want to marry, yet in a strange twist, it would not be a problem to hang out with a side dish around those same people but would actually give you a higher credit rating among them.

In the words of the dearly departed and much beloved Oliver Mutukudzi, what shall we do?