Hello all! I trust that you have all been great; wealthy, healthy, and care-free (just pick what you can and make a line of best fit, that works for me).  So last time I wrote about why some men can never apologize over here, and today I want to burn your ears and/or eyes with this piece…….
So today, I’m here to tell you my random (and extremist) thoughts on when your wife leaves you, as heard from a group of men who had no idea I was eavesdropping because I’ve kind of become a pro of late, I guess.
when your wife leaves youAnyway, they were talking about a friend of theirs who had apparently been left by his wife. Because I am practically always eager to hear random gossip, I listened to the end, and the story went something like this:
The wife got a job quite a distance from her marital home, in another county, and so she moved there with their kids to start work and settle in, as they had agreed with the husband. Problem was, though, she stopped picking his calls after getting there, and basically cut off all communication between the two of them, so he decided to go there physically to visit his wife.
He got to the place, I guess they had communicated to the point of knowing where she lived, and was let in by the nanny, so he went in to await his wife’s return from work. Now, she got back in the evening, but on seeing her husband acted very surprised and asked him what exactly he was doing in her house. At a loss for words, he said he was visiting her, his wife, and their kids, to which she responded by asking him to get out and go back where he came from.
when your wife leaves youI’m guessing this story had received quite some additives from the point it was originally delivered to when it got to my receptive ears, because apparently she had settled down with an older gentleman, from another tribe, and as a second wife to boot. While all this is debatable, the scorn and bitterness in their voices while they were speaking wasn’t, and I chuckled a little to myself: I explain why below….
It is always spoken about very matter-of-factly when men have mistresses and ignore their initial families for them, or when they run off to start a sub-family on the side, but when a woman leaves a man to start out on her own or with some other guy, it is always ridicule that befalls her, but really, who is the joke on? And why is the scale so unbalanced for the genders when your wife leaves you vs when your husband leaves you? Because for women, they get left because they ‘did not take proper care of their men’ while men get left because ‘the woman was too high maintenance’.
Apparently there are still people in that old school of thought (both men and women, btw) who believe that ‘boys will be boys’ and that ‘a foolish woman destroys her home with her own hands’, because men apparently have only one functional limb according to them, lmao. Now, while these two are both true, it is very silly to take them as the only gospel, not considering anything else; no exceptions and all other factors notwithstanding.
when your wife leaves you‘He was an ok guy’, I heard one of them say. ‘He never stayed out late and wasn’t a drunk’, he continued, and I nearly shouted in surprise at the fact that he really believed that these were the two defining qualities of a ‘good guy’. I am by no means saying that they are not, but they are just parts of a bigger whole, there’s a million tiny things that make a person fit in that category of a ‘good person’; after all, if you only wore a shirt, socks, a great pair of shoes and a hat, you would not really be considered to be ‘dressed well’ if you didn’t have any trousers on, or would you?
And also on that note, since the speaker understood that these qualities made up a ‘good man’, how often was he home in good time to spend time with his wife and kids? How many times did she have to lay awake until four in the morning, wondering where he was and when he was coming back, only to spend the rest of the sleeping hours awake due to his deep snoring and sleep-chasing alcohol fumes and farts? Was he always home when he said he would be there, or did he have a million cold wars with his family because he missed an occasion due to a racy night out with the boys, after which his wife had to clean puke and rancid liquor from his clothes and shoes?
This talk was starting to sound like the hypocritical eulogies at a terrible person’s funeral, so I left the scene quickly before I caught cancer from all the plastic in the air. Obviously, since talking to a friend about it would be considered gossip and there was no way in hell my significant other would sit through my radical rant, I only had one place to vent, so there 😊
A parting shot: take care of your wives, and love your husbands, because if it so happens that you ever split up, the two factions discussing your mini-series will be on either one or the other end of the see-saw; depending on which one of you two they were close to. You will either be the martyr who did their best but to no avail, or the demon who was on their way out since day one and never made any real effort, so keep your shit in order, it will be in your best interests to keep them guessing though it may not mean much, but at least you will have a clean conscience…..
Thank you all for your time, and that will be all for now so until next time, stay foxxy out there 😉