Hello all and welcome back! Catch last time’s post over here on misogyny vs bad manners if you missed it, and strap yourselves in for this short and concise (I believe) list of pointers to let you know when that man has got to go; because whatever lies beyond these pointers is grief, pain, misery and tears :-\ Do enjoy and add some more pointers in the comments section to help us all help each other out!

When he lies so often it’s a chore to shift through the lies and the truths.when that man has got to go
When he’s always drunk when you want him the most, ending up a useless drooling pile of meat that you just want to skewer.
When his family keeps getting in the way and pissing you off and he won’t keep them in check.
When you realize that his mother hates you but always lies through her teeth how much she cares about you; yet her actions always betray her.
When he has his mom, sister, aunty, or even some female friend high up on a pedestal and worships the ground she walks on so that everything you do has to somehow measure up to her. You will never fit the bill……

When he’s broke, but somehow also entitled.
When he beats you.
When he manipulates you.
When he no longer respects you and you feel like you have become a bother to him.
When every aspect of everything he does with/for you feels plastic and forced.
when that man has got to goWhen he treats you like random street trash rather than royalty regardless of how much respect you handle him with, whether in public or in private.
When everyone else’s opinion or side of the story is valid to him, but yours isn’t any important or well thought out or worth his time.
When none of your feelings or thoughts will ever be validated by him, as long as he can ignore you or get away from you until you ‘act sane’ then everything is fine by him.
When he won’t support any of your business endeavors or dreams but expects you to bend over backwards to support his each time, and stay his ‘ride or die’ no matter how disposable you seem to him.

When his touch no longer feels the same.
When he gas lights you to kingdom come.
When he won’t even try anymore.
When nothing you do is good enough for him; he expects otherworldly perfection from you but constantly delivers mediocrity himself.when that man has got to go
When he thinks it’s cool to blame his silliness and rudeness on ‘toxic masculinity’ which his equally sick friends have ganged together to make seem like something to be proud of.
When he starts to weigh your oxygen and administer it to you in tiny doses.
When he gets so comfortable in the belief that you will never leave, so he starts to act the fool all day, every day.
When he’s always cheating and flirting with anything on two legs.
When he always has one finger strumming on your very last nerve.
When he completely forgets that you had a life before you met him, and will continue to have one long after his departure.
When he gives you lip service and basically becomes a toddler that you have to run after and fuss over all the time, otherwise he’s going to wallow in his own literal shit because you ignored him for three full seconds.
When he gets all up in his feelings unnecessarily, and brings you down so that you can both suffer in misery.
When he reads this write up and gets mad.
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