Now that we covered the reasons why most people cheat, over here, here is a rundown on the types of cheating bastards out there; both male and female, have a read…..

The Hunter

As the name suggests, he is in it to win it, and that is about it. He is more after the chase than the final act and so getting this one to stop is nothing short of a miracle so he will constantly be scouting for potential ‘prey’ (read weak-minded females, those desperate and naive as well as the ones with esteem issues).

It is extremely easy for him to land someone because he is smooth and has been around that block

more times than you want to know so if this is the type of cheat you have in your life just tell him bye bye….

2-The Fetishist

This is the cheat that is married and living with a wife who mostly feels like a room mate than a lover as the sex is very sparse. He only married her because society expects him to be married by a certain age, or because he got the woman pregnant and had to do right by her probably due to pressure from family.

He may be a closet gay, or a cross-dresser, or a ‘furry’-a person who dresses in animal costume to engage in sex with other people dressed likewise. Sex for him is more about the means rather than the end, and as most of the time his fetish is frowned upon by society, he chooses to keep his unfortunate spouse in the dark while pursuing his heart’s desire with some other willing person.

3-The ‘Nice Guy’

One of the harder ones to tame is this nice guy, who will always be a shoulder to lean on; especially true to females who are in bad relationships and marriages, or on the rebound. He provides all the affection she may be lacking in her unfulfilled relationship and then some so she gets into some kind of commitment with him which has sex as part of the deal because he has led her to believe she is truly special to him.

This is although he has a wife and probably even children, and so once he is done ‘helping’ the damsel in distress (or helping himself to her haha) he will disclose to her that he would not ‘feel right’ leaving his family for you so please understand this, but he still deeply cares for you.

This cheat does this to help himself sleep better at night (with his wife after cheating all day at work) and in his sick mind feels as if he is actually honestly nice, so he drags this deceit on and on and in the end screws everyone over while acting as though he is helping them.

Avoid this kind of cheat with all your might, as their game is on a psychological level and if you get dragged in the only thing that follows is endless pain and sadness.

This cheat is a stickler for order and has organizational skills that would put the green of envy on most CEO’s. Because of his immense wealth, well-rounded children, an pretty wife, no one thinks that he would ever cheat but this is exactly the reason he cheats; because he feels he has already surpassed his life’s goals, and now is the time for him to be ‘serviced’, which is how he views sex- as a service.

4-The Professional

He has a string of mistresses at all his frequented locations and keeps them well paid as he is sure this way they will retain their anonymity and as long as his wife does not know then she cannot be hurt. What he forgets is that by going through the motions in this manner, he starves his spouse of attention, affection, and all the other small things that build a relationship so she finds out sooner or later and gets totally hurt.

5-The Opportunist

This one is literally like a very hungry animal on the prowl for something to eat; with their hunger being of the psychological kind, the need to be wanted, and the food of their choice pretty much anything that will want them, or just act like they want them back.

He is the saddest kind of cheat because he is not looking for a whole lot, just that magical ‘chemistry’, and so he can find it in really anything with a pulse – the cleaners and secretaries at the office, gym-partners, the supervisors, the nanny, his friend’s wives, etc etc, so throw this one out with the bath water until he can figure himself out, and then just stay away from him.

6-The ‘Victim’

This cheat will trap you by playing the victim: his wife does not love him any more, neither does she respect him, his dog recently died, his last business attempt folded, his life is just a mess, but you can help him out of all this.

He makes you feel like you will be saving him from the cold, cruel world, because you are the angel of his life, and he will seem to respond to your affection, until you realize that he is the author of all his imaginary doom, and he only does this to get women who would otherwise steer clear because he has a wife.

So there goes my list, hope you loved it and were entertained as well as enlightened so subscribe for more of my articles, and stay foxxy!!