So I wonder, is cheating something that someone does out of some urge, or necessity, or is it ingrained in our genes; written down in our DNA inĀ indelibleĀ ink?

I was curious about this so I did some research, and lo and behold! I found some different reasons people cheat, and more importantly, the types of cheating out there.

Because I am foxxy as hell, I will of course refer to the cheats as male through most of the article but this is not to say that females don’t cheat as well, just go figure. If you are curious like me, here’s a low-down on what I found; juicy stuff hehe…

Why Do People Cheat?

1-Because They Can

Sad as this may be, some guys cheat for the simple reason that an opportunity presented itself and there was nothing to stop them (as their ethics and morality are also on leave) so they just do it. Be it because they have gotten something in their life that suddenly makes them more desirable to the opposite sex like a car, money, etc, or they are now in a position to obtain random sex from whoever, this is the most pathetic reason to cheat out there I believe.

2-They Are Looking For Something They Are Not Getting In Their Relationships

Here is another strange reason that makes me wonder, because most of the times that people use this one, an in-depth analysis shows that they had not even worked towards getting their needs met but instead decided to take the shortcut.

Most of their partners are not even aware that there’s something missing and just wake up to the rude shock of an affair…..

3-The Thrill Of Variety

Most men will not think twice when presented with an opportunity to cheat because they believe “YOLO” (you only live once) so as it is the same with wanting variety on your plate, with vegetables, meats, starches, etc, so will having different partners make them salivate haha.

As much as I get this one though, I believe that if you feel you cannot stay exclusive to one partner who requires your exclusivity, be a grown up and do not expect them to sit still in the house while you are out sampling; make it clear and set your partner free.

4-The Cowards’ Way To End A Relationship

We all know that relationships turn sour and lose their flavor (check no. 3 above), but this does not warrant cheating because you want to provoke your partner to leave. It may fail, and she will stay and ‘fight’ for the relationship, and the resentment that you will have planted as a bonus is bound to make things even worse than they already are.

5-Anger, And Revenge

Basing this on assumptions, a man may feel like his partner has something on the side and because no man wants to be the laughing stock, he might run out to cheat so as to balance the tables, only problem though is that he may have imagined things and punish a totally undeserving and faithful spouse.

Women also do this, especially when the guy is a serial cheat and she decides to show him how the shoe feels on the other foot. I cannot say I advocate for this because it feels like the equivalent of muddying your clothes because you see your partner coming to sit next to you with muddy clothes, not to mention the levels you will have to lower your self-esteem to in order to cheat for the sake of cheating. Just be a lady and leave that to dirty men.

6-Genes (?)

Looking at some men, I have to wonder if cheating was passed down to them by their philandering fathers or terrible mothers because all the men from that lineage are cheats and will at some point in their lives juggle a few women at once.

This seems far-fetched, but is the other reasonable explanation aside from that they grew up with no morals being ingrained in them, or their father was openly a cheat, so the only example they had growing up was a bad one.

7-Dissatisfaction With The Quality And/Or Quantity Of Love, Sex, And Communication

When a partner feels  that they are getting a raw deal on any of the above, they will most often go out to find it elsewhere, with men being more on the physical and women on the emotional.

Most men start to or cheat when their wives fall pregnant and after they give birth; the worst possible time to do so because this is the time when they are most needed.

Things get worse when the woman is perceived to have ‘let herself go’ and lost her nubile body while mothering the unappreciative fool’s children, with most expecting that she will bounce back the second your brat leaves her womb and this is not true for all women because they are all different.

With the emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy, it is only sensible to understand your wife to act like a different person in this period and if you are not man enough to deal with her at her worst, you don’t deserve her or any other woman for that matter at her best.

8-Low Self Esteem

This is a straightforward one; when a man feels that his wife is too pretty, too intelligent, too talented or too educated for him, he will feel small and we all know for men size matters a lot. He will therefore cheat and use the reasoning that she will leave him sooner rather than later, so best to get out ahead.

Join me next time for a comprehensive list here, of the types of cheats that there are roaming the clean, mostly domesticated city (and village) streets; stay foxxy!