Hello again, and welcome to an analysis I did of a testy topic- not really new on these parts haha…. Catch my last post over here where I was on a rant about apparent ‘feminism’ and before I get told to either go find a river with some good clay and make my perfect man, or quit being a toxic feminist yet again, let me begin and make it short and sweet with this list of qualities in the man that will never cheat. As always, do let me know whether I’m close to the truth or far off in dreamland in this write up, and do not hesitate to subscribe!!

1- He is principled. His no is a no, and his yes is a yes. He keeps his promises because he never makes any that he does not intend to keep, or may not be able gossiping, lost, confused, unprincipledto,ย just so he can cheaply buy your smile for a second and your hatred for all eternity when you come to see him for the loser that he really is. He will be secretly admired by his fellow men who may be too devoid of a spine to stand up for anything, but publicly, these same ‘fellow men’ will shame him and brand him unpleasant names while huddled in a group at their local and up to nothing good.

2- He has a spine. No matter if everybody else is jumping off the edge of a cliff, he won’t do it if he doesn’t have a reason to. He does not sway in the winds’ currents like a flag just following the crowd without thinking for himself, but takes the time to make his own decision based on what he knows to be right and good. He won’t join his friends in cheating because ‘they’re all doing it’s and he ‘won’t seem like a man if he doesn’t’ because ‘that’s just what men do’ and the rest of that silliness.

3- He is honest. He says what he feels and makes clear what he wants, knowing it might have him miss out sometimes or seem weird and all, but in the long run he would rather be true than tell cheap lies to get cheap thrills. When you interact with him, you will be treated to the pleasure of not having to second guess your sanity from the mental whiplash of him messing around with your mind, saying this but doing that mostly just for the sake of it because ‘that’s the way he’s always been’ ๐Ÿ˜’

the man that will never cheat4- He stands for something. Not one to sit on the fence. If someone tries to pick on his lady, the transgressor will get it, because he does not let anyone whether a lady or a man disrespect his own. He won’t beat you down over being mean to someone who was mean to you first, and always automatically pick the other person’s side whenever you are involved in a public argument just so he can seem like he ‘has control over his woman’ and he’s a nice guy in general…

5- His tongue is not hung in the middle so it can swing on both sides; he picks a side and stands by it until there’s a very good reason to abandon it. For instance, he won’t one second blame you for cheating because ‘he felt you were growing distant from him’ then turn around and say he was in a messed up mental state and doesn’t know why he did that at all and will never do it again, only to go do it again.ย  Neither will he get his boxers in a bunch and throw a tantrum when he discovers your sleazy private online chats with other guys after all along claiming that he does not believe in relationships being ‘too structured and the feeling of being caged developing because there are too strict rules’ etc.

6- He is a gentleman. He won’t be shy about opening doors for you or holding your hand when you’re fkn limping because you tripped over his massive ego while trying to keep up with him โœจ. He will be happy to drop the machismo when you need a gentle hug and be kind and considerate to you regardless of whether you are in public or in private, and he does not worry too much about other ladies seeing him treat you well because he is not nursing dreams of trying to get with them in the near future.

7- He is confident, but not overly proud. He won’t put down all your dreams and aspirations by strategically knocking on every tiny misalignment, but will instead help you work on things and get everything in a sensible and organized frame, and if he chooses to fund you, that’s a plus, but definitely not a requirement because we all have to live within our means anyway. He knows that your success in no way takes away from his, and in fact if you both shine the shine will be brighter so he won’t try to stop you from attending that interview you have a shot at or launching your dream project that you have planned and worked on forever.

8- He is intelligent. Is anybody that cheats smart in any kind of way? I honestly don’t think so as I’m yet to meet an admirably intelligent man or woman that the man that will never cheat; intelligentcheats, because honestly what good ever comes from it? The bullshit theory by some silly men too that they are wired to breed in their dna is just that, bullshit, because why do they not actively try to get all the women they prance around with pregnant; in fact running away or demanding them to abort the second they learn their ‘goal’ was successful? Basic instincts of self preservation would have you do things to save your existence and peace of mind from the fallout that often follows cheating so …..

9- He is not a people pleaser. He knows the price of saying no, especially if he has been around emotional manipulators and seen how easy things seem to be for most of them at least in the short term and yet this is not incentive enough for him to bend over backwards being a she-man and going along just to get along. ****e.g. Want to go out as friends and leave your wives and girlfriends behind? It’s totally fine, I’ll just cancel the plans we made weeks ago and pretend to have forgotten or if she gets too worked up over it, recite the tired line of ‘I love you but things sometimes get complicated in relationships’ *eye roll*.

10- He is successful. Because when you have a brain in your head that you use every so often, it is natural that you will be successful in some venture or other. Also, no ill betides you because there’s no string of displeased women out there cursing your name every second of every day;

11- He knows what he wants, and goes after it no matter what everyone else around him thinks, says, or does. His priorities are in check and he does not change his mind every two seconds like a damsel about to be in distress…. If it’s a loving family he wants, he takes the time and makes the effort to build one. If he wants to change the shape of his corporate world, he works at that with all his might. He does not come home happy on Tuesday and promise the kids a weekend of family fun only to go out on impromptu on Friday ‘to discuss a business that has come up with his friends’ and come home shit-faced in Saturday’s little hours, too drunk to function or remember the tall order he set up for his poor offspring.

the man who will not cheat does not hide his woman12- He does not treat his significant other like a bag of stolen cash; never wanting to be seen with her in public and trying his best to keep her under wraps safely in the house where no one will know how damaged she has become since she got with him. He does not make up some strange excuse of seeming emasculated to his fellow men if he hangs out with his lady, and ‘anyway none of the others do that’. Rather, he enjoys her company just like before during the courtship days because familiar sex available any time for him is not the only reason he settled down with her in the first place.

13- His actions match his words and speak just as loud, and with him, you will never have to guess what your place in his life is, or what random nonsense h might be up to any time he is out of sight because he will make it as clear as day. No sending mixed signals and coded messages that you need to analyze and think about for days before you finally crack them. He means what he says and he says what he means.

14- Peace of mind. How about that. I would strangle a few cats barehanded for some of it to say the truth, because I know what it’s worth after being without for so damn long. You won’t have to chase him down in bars and seedy joints (even after he’s sworn countless times he’s broke so can’t go out, let alone with you) because he said he was getting supplies for the kids (which you maybe paid for) but he did not show up at the agreed time and he’s not picking your calls. Better yet, his phone is off and his mother keeps calling you asking if you know where he is, and when is the last time you tried calling him, just put aside all issues you may have with him til we find him etc., she will implore. Then when he finally resurfaces the following morning he spins some long tale of how he went out with a friend for a drink, but they kept buying him and you know how time flies when you’re having fun etc bullshit etc.

15- He’s consistent; and won’t be all for a party with the boys every single weekend even if you ask to go out with him just one weekend on one hand, and down on his knees telling you he loves only you and will not cheat (again) or even speak to other women (while quickly muting his phone when it rings and acting very uneasy). On yet another hand (some men are arachnid in nature) he will be saying how since you’re ignoring him nowadays or he doesn’t feel the love as much as he did in the beginning he’s finding himself noticing other women and he really doesn’t want to be. All these examples, by the way, comprise the nature of a manipulator and/or narcissist so try and steer clear as soon as you see these traits.

16- He’s not overly controlling, and won’t try to bend and mold you to fit the little ugly box he has in his mind of how he imagines you ought to look, speak, and behave. He will give you room to be you, and love you just the way you are, and in the event he feels he can’t take any more of you, he’ll have a pair and tell you it’s best you split ways other than start random affairs and lie about loving you every single time you try to confront him.

16- He knows his worth the man who will nlt cheat is comparable to a diamond so his relationship past won’t be peppered with manic women, failures, and random louts with their hand out for a quick gift all the damn time. The type that do not respect boundaries and have no clear direction in life as they have seemingly arrived at their lives’ train stop so they eagerly jump on any man that gives them airplay, not worrying about whether he might be in a relationship with someone else or not. He will have taste and class around him and so an offering of free sex and/or attention by the lady that serves them food at the office will go ignored if he is involved with someone else, no matter how rocky the relationship is.

So that’s it for my list of the qualities that you will find in a man who does not, and will not cheat on his significant other once they have settled down, and a list which will be seen as a very tall order by the primates out there screeching that ‘all men cheat’, and ‘men have been wired to screw as many females as possible’ in order to ‘spread their seed far and wide’. I wonder if that includes the goats and other animals they are also driven to try and mate with every now and then….

Keep it foxxy ๐Ÿ’‹


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