Hello dears! I wrote about gaslighting a while ago and this morning I was utterly dismayed to wake up to some more of it.

About three days ago I realized I might be a bit toxic myself, based on occurrences from that night and I really went through it, aiding with this revelation were the suicidal thoughts, the immense stress, and a dawning of a weight so heavy I felt I might crumble underneath it. I broke down, and asked for help, but felt I did not get any.

So this morning when I woke up, tired from a home visit that lasted the whole afternoon, I was getting ready to make an effort in seeking out my episodes of toxicity and drowning them. Went to the living room while he was getting ready to leave, with the kids running around, and after some regular, random conversation, I asked him if he would take some tea. He asked, “Tea?

Is there actually tea?

Did you make it or was there someone to make it?”

Strange line of questions, and strange flow too, especially because the nanny makes tea most mornings. He asked these with a smile that felt strange to me, then said “sure, I’ll take some”.

I found a used cup on the table and assumed it was the nanny’s but thought it strange she would just leave it there as we tend to each take our dirty dishes to the sink. I brought clean ones and set them down, and poured the tea.

He went to the bedroom gathering up his stuff, then asked for socks, so I went and got him a pair, then asked him about the tea getting cold, to which he looked at me surprised, asking “what tea? I had mine the first thing when I woke up”.

Honestly, what the eff was this now. I looked at him waiting for this sickening joke to be over but that did not happen.

“I asked you if I should pour you some tea, to which you said yes. Before that I had asked you if you had taken tea, and you did not give me a straight answer which is why I asked again in the first place”.

Blank stare back at me with a strange expression, developing in the background. “I did not say any of that…….”

“You know what, it’s ok, never mind and just forget about all of this”, I say as I head back to the living room and start pouring his tea back into the flask.

He finds me doing it and asks, “you actually poured out a cup for me?” Surprised now.

I’m honestly not even angry-yet. Just mildly disappointed and I tell him quietly, “you know this is why I ask you to know the right time for playing and when to be serious. You were probably joking when you said it and I didn’t catch it so when you moved on from the joke and forgot about it, I did not”. I finish  pouring the tea back.

What is happening?

Am I rationalizing his gaslighting and making it out into logic?

And is it for me or for him?

Why is he doing this to me, is it because I broke down that day and made the mistake of telling him about the turmoil in my mind? Because it definitely feels intentional, like he grabbed the knife end stabbing me and gave it a hard twist.

I hear him say he’s leaving, but by now I have started retreating into my mind, and feel like I am floating away from this familiar hell. I go to the bedroom and sit down on the edge of the bed and think. My thoughts start to turn dark so I pick my phone up and scroll randomly, then walk around the room, then go and take my tea, by which time he’s gone. I walk around the house some more, tidying up a bit as I go, then decide to go to the shops and get some airtime for my phone, and see my tailor also.

At some point I decide to warm the stew because first baby is crying for food, though I know he doesn’t actually want it, but then decide to go out first and get back to that when I return because the nanny is doing some cleaning outside.

I go out, chat with the tailor for a while, then come back to a compound smelling mildly of burnt food, and my mind trips some switch.

I run to the kitchen and confirm that I never turned the cooker off so the stew burnt beyond recognition and I curse myself.

I’ve been so preoccupied with his brazen attempt at gaslighting me that I have kind of switched off real life for a while.

I’m angry and think a lot of dark thoughts, but calm myself down, then carry on picking random stuff up; the kids are being a good kind of distraction, I think.

So now as I sit here writing this I am still reeling from the cold nature of this person that I had children with.

Is he trying to make my already fragile mind break, or is he trying to drive me to kill myself because he doesn’t have the nerve to ask me to leave instead? I’m confused, and thinking of taking action before this gets to greater heights and I lose myself, or worse.

Wish me luck in my navigation, and stay Foxxy as ever dears, Chao!