Beadwork Shop; Ushanga BV

Welcome to Ushanga BV; the beadwork shop where you will find everything from jewelry African attire to home decor and other accessories; I’m sure you will find something that you love, and with the prices practically everything is a steal. We practice fair trade, and with the items being handmade to perfection, you will feel the warmth and profesionalism right from the packaging to the actual product, be it earrings, bracelets, chokers, or even form-fitting dresses custom-made to order.

If ever there is an issue with a purchase, reach out to me and I will remedy it as soon as I possibly can so we can come to an understanding nd everyone is happy in the end!

That’s all for now; happy shopping to you, and happy beading to me and my colleagues!! click HERE to enter the shop 🙂