Ok so hear me out before you call me a bitter and mean spirited woman who hates her fellow women; if you are going to have an affair with a married guy, at least pick a rich one because honestly what are you, in love with him? Female, please.

I am a believer in the sound logic that love is a feeling, and as with other feelings like hunger, anger, joy, grief, etc, you cannot stay in that same state forever, so what do you do when one thing leads to another and your married man gets you pregnant? The options there include, but are not limited to, abort the poor bastard, or get used to the idea of being a single mum because the third option is to blackmail him, but for what – to trade places with his first family?


 Plus if he’s wealthy or influential enough he will just have you killed, or his wife will, we’ve seen this happen all too often after all- the noisy side chick who just discovered her equal rights as a lover is almost always literally not worth her master’s reputation. 

They are probably already sick of his shit so if you want to help him carry his cross then go ahead, but this road often only leads to darkness and frustration, plus it is a waste of an otherwise worthwhile and/or lucrative sin so……

I will go out on a limb today and offer some advice to you: If you are cheating, go for a rich guy, it will always be better to supposedly cry in a range rover (better yet if you own it) than to laugh on a bicycle, as the popular hit song says. Money is not happiness but it is certainly a means to an end so as long as you are ‘loving’ someone then make it worth your damn while and do not feel like you will be shamed for it by broke men. 

After all, they always seek out pretty ladies to marry so why the hell do the standards change when women want to get rich guys? It’s more or less the same thing after all.

Another error you could make is getting it on with a guy who has issues because lady, believe me when I say this, if his mother couldn’t fix him and neither could his wife, then you’re getting yourself on a roller coaster of misery. Initially, he will make you believe that you’re fixing him and helping him and you, as a natural-born caregiver, will be very proud of your good work, but soon enough, you will find yourself carrying more and more weight than you bargained for, and the longer you stay the harder it gets to extract yourself from this situation.

A not so well- known thing out there is post natal depression for men; yes it surprised me as well *insert indignation here* because they’re supposed to be this solid, dependable, cornerstone of logic and sanity, right? This group of men is another one that dumb women tend to fall for, because he will either receive, raise, or exchange hell with his significant other at home then go out whining that he’s getting no love at home. 

Since everyone knows how moody a pregnant woman is, and how distracted a new mother is, it will be tempting to believe that he’s the helpless victim of his dragon-like wife at home while in fact you have no idea of what’s happening. Stay with this one, and you will soon be hyperventilating from a double-dose of hormones because he will carry what’s home (where he sleeps a great majority of the time) and add it up with what he has and hand it all over to you.

 There’s another kind of man to avoid, and I suppose at this point I should make it clear that all these are different degrees of married men. This one is the ‘new-wealth’ kind of guy, or ‘tenderpreneur’ as we affectionately call them around here, often with a curse under our breath. He was a random average guy, but soon came into some fortune or other, and now feels that his breeches no longer fit his so he expands his roost by acquiring a thousand fleas like the mangy dog he is ..

       *************I think I need to take a deep breath**************

So ok, now you are all in his pockets; smart, silly, caring, careless, hungry, proud, naive, disillusioned, etc, because he often does not have the time or need to sort you all out and stick to one type. 

While you’re here there’s a good chance that one of the others will try to perform a take-over and wipe out her competition, as was the case with the recent Kori character, and because none of you can see the forest for the trees, you will find yourself in a fight of some degree, ranging from petty to death, which will honestly all just be the jingling of loose change in his pockets so whichever one that wins is totally inconsequential because he will toss you all out in a moment or decide to add a few more in-for the variety, you know. 

Bottom line though is that you’re all very dispensable to him. So just know your worth, and even if you don’t, at least think of the people who actually care for you, like your mother, or father, or even siblings and close friends. Don’t throw yourself away like that.

I hope I have made some change in the world with this post, in the positive at least, because of late it is starting to feel like any kind of change is better than stagnancy. I will leave you with that, before I start to ramble, and as usual keep it foxxxy as ever, cheers!