Out of the blue, I decided to write a new year’s post because, well, I love to write and I had some unexpected free time in my hands…. So anyway, my last post is over here in case you missed it, where I listed some habits and instances when that man has got to go lol, and today’s post is a lot of random musing to do with the coming new year 2020. I’m usually not the ‘new year new me’ type, but this time I figured that I need to make some resolutions because I need change, and especially in the family area, so here we go…..

I Will Not….new year new me

1- Spend too much time crying over spilt milk; what’s done is done, and even if a grief period is necessary I won’t let it take over my whole damn life but will spare what is needful, and move on ahead. So broken relationships, failed friendships, unresponded-to job offers etc will have their time in my life but not more.
2- Force things that cannot work. If I do not feel the love I will move on and dust myself, in readiness for the next attempt.
3- Make excuses for anyone. If you want to be in my life, I will expect to see the effort; go half the distance as I go the other half, otherwise it won’t be worth my time and you will just be discarded like the non-issue you are 😊
new year new me, 20204- Carry needless grudges in my heart. This is not to say you have a clean slate to screw me over again if you did so before; I don’t intend to develop amnesia. I just won’t spend precious time playing silly little games of revenge and all that, but I will keep you at an arm’s length until you can prove that you’re not actually an enemy, and from right where you are.
5- Let hopelessness consume me and drain me to the point where I will be a zombie waiting to collapse because of past sins and mistakes I have committed. A new year new me after all, right?
6- Hold on to the same low quality of thinking and grade of life that I had gotten conditioned to think is normal. Most of those ‘tried and true’ paths of relationship management are tools of the devil and I will bow to them no more hehe.

I Will…….

1- Love myself infinitely, because love generates a warmth and a glow from deep inside of you and who best to do it for you if not yourself? With love flowing through me and around me, I will thus be able to create a much needed love environment for my offspring.
2- Take care of myself and not let any negativity in or near me because I cannot take that kind of crap another year.my checklist for 2020
3- Take a break when I need one, and ask for help when I need it. I have no points to prove to anyone and no one worthy to be proving them to anyway, so no need to break my back trying to be ‘wonder woman’. Fk her, actually.
4- Learn a new skill, trade, language, life-hack, anything, because it’s about time my brain awoke from a few years’ slumber and became the power house it was meant to be 🙂
5- Be my very own cheerleader. I will applaud myself where necessary and give myself as many pats on the back as I merit because right now only about three people alive would do so for me, and even then they do get caught up in their lives every now and then so I am the only constant viewer of my life; so who better to do it than me?
6- Relearn to dream big, and rewire my brain for greatness and not mediocrity as I have been used to for a while now.

I have kept it short for now, partly because I have developed a kind of silly fear for lofty dreams and aiming for the stars, and also because I do not want to be so bogged down by the pursuit of happiness that ‘new year new me’ tends to become. Do feel free to add some more in the comments, and also subscribe to keep getting updates on new blogs I put up; let me entertain you; and have a great-relationship-new-year 2020!! 🎇🎊🎆

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    1. Thank you dear! I hope I can keep sending out great vibes this year 😉

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