Hello mis amigos! I hope you’ve all been well. The rains are finally here with us and it’s so great; the nostalgia that great skies bring to me is just something else….

Anyway, today I’m going to write about the rarely-discussed super power that is intuition. I have actually been asked if I practice some form of witchcraft by some guy because the second he started to dog around I always knew, regardless of how much he changed his tactics and all. I was flattered by that for some strange reason, unfortunately not enough to forgive the scoundrel though so that was that.

So is there anything to the famous ‘gut-feeling’? In my experience, there is, so we should learn to tune in to ourselves and make sure we keep it and nurture it, because it can be lost if abused, or used for evil haha….

Needless to say, there are so many advantages to being intuitive in your relationship- you know the couple who’s always completing each other’s sentences and getting the other what they want/need without them having said it out loud?

That’s healthy intuition.

To say the truth, though, there’s no unhealthy intuition, but rather toxic unions where one partner feeds the other so much dirt and ill health that the intuitive partner ends up spiritually sick, and this sickness consumes them from within working its way out and eventually poisoning the entire relationship.are untested theories that have up until now not been tested enough or have not yielded worthwhile results.

Unfortunately, I only know how to get into this situation but not really how to get out because so far all that I have

So how do you get here? If you are the intuitive, then you lose touch with your partner when they hurt you so often or so bad that you essentially expel them from your psyche and lock them out, more as a defense mechanism than anything else. Whatever it is that they have done to get you there; be it cheating, gas-lighting, or constantly lying and being undependable, just know that you will get no closure by doing it back to them so that they ‘know how you felt’. This will only end up hurting you more, so in the event that you feel you are beyond repair, the greatest favor you can do for yourself is to leave the relationship which may hurt initially, but over time you will heal and things will be sunny again.

If however you are, say, married, and maybe even have kids, the verdict is still out on that one, but one thing that has been great for me is to keep busy with anything and everything- cook, sew, write, make crafts, work out, go back to school etc just do anything that keeps your mind occupied. Of course you have to go back in the evening to the root cause of your problem in which case the anger rises up again like an old injury aches on a cold day but hard as it may be, just avoid any aggression though you may be craving for it. Walk away from any looming confrontation because even if you physically fight to the death, the pain will still be there, and you will have a body to bury on top of all that (bad joke I guess but honestly just get it and laugh or fume and move on, your call).

I realize this post started out about intuition but has spiraled into healing after being cheated on and I’m trying to turn it back around so hear me out, like I said the cold season is here and with it are memories I wish I could bury before they bury me.

When you are not the intuitive one, you can try and be attentive, and I believe you can grow something like ‘acquired intuition’, if you will, from this. Listen to your partners’ words as well as their actions. Do not ever use their feelings against them and of course never ever use something they told you about themselves in confidence in a fight. You may win but you will have become a monster

in their eyes, and honestly it’s always so much easier to cause harm than it is to undo it. Also never take the liberty to ‘know what they mean’ or ‘care for their best intentions’ when you know you are just soothing your aching ego and salving your sick conscience; for example flirting with someone else in their presence then sheepishly saying when confronted ‘I know that turns you on a bit’ or ‘I like it when you’re jealous, it’s cute’ or ‘you know that you’re the one I really love’.

Which brings me to something else; show your love; it’s never enough to just say it a million times because it loses taste and meaning even on the occasions when it may be true. Don’t say you love your partner then cheat on them with their friend or some random office worker you came across just because they are at home and won’t know; or even if they know, you’re sure that they love you and/or have kids with you so they won’t leave anyway. Honestly what the effing eff even.

Don’t say you love them if you cannot put their interests before your own, time and again, no matter how trivial they may seem to you.

Don’t say you love them then manipulate and gas-light the ever-living hell out of them.

Don’t say you love them if you just can’t take their feelings and sentiments seriously and you feel as if they are doing and saying things to trap or manipulate you because either way; if they are, you ought to leave them but if they aren’t then you’re just reflecting your behavior on them and imagine they are acting as you would if in that situation so,uummm, leave yourself…..?

Or love yourself and grow the hell up.

Hear them when they tell you that they don’t like it when you take pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex while you’re at some social gathering TOGETHER, or when you respond in a ‘neutral’ way to texts from your  exes or love interests. Just stop it if you love them, and don’t try to claim that you would not drive a dagger through their hearts (or hack them to death with an ax in public) because there is really no difference – both ways you kill them.

It’s not even a hormonal thing because betrayal hurts all genders, ages, tribes, and religions so if it would hurt if done to you then why do it to the person you’re with? Are you the Devil from Eden testing how strong their loyalty is? Because if you are then you should know it will hurt them whatever your justification for it is; just slither back down to hell.

Because it hurts that much more when you claim that you love them.

And then some more when they just happen to believe you and love you back.

What now if you didn’t have the common sense to know the above and are now with Bruno Mars; locked out of heaven? I honestly don’t know. Pray, maybe. Keep the lines of communication open when they want to talk -while they want to talk, because a time will come when they won’t and honestly then that’s done.

If you are already at this point when they are not bugging you with ‘we need to discuss this and find a way forward’, or ‘I miss us, and wish we were the way we were before’, or even ‘do you think we will get through this?’, then I guess just leave them; you’ve already lost them and their physical presence means absolutely nothing.

I hope there was some help here; don’t dig yourself a hole you won’t be able to climb out of, and conversely if you have been pushed into a shallow grave by your significant other, don’t grow cold, ugly, and bitter, there may be someone down the road who will turn all this around, but again don’t count on it, just focus on being happy and nice for your own peace of mind and personal satisfaction, no one’s worth it in the end….

                                                                      X O