Ignore him until he re-calibrates lol. Seems like it’s going to be a short post today haha, probably because there’s not much else to say about the issue…

Seriously though, this is all there is to it so let me expound on it a bit, and fill up some more space because I just love it when I have you in rapt attention like this, Rrrrrr 😼

Without further ado;

☺Desist from talking to him, as anything you say at this point can, and will be used against you. This may or may not be in contradiction to some of the following points, but you’ll figure it all out, don’t worry 🙂

☺Keep yourself busy with a random but useful little things, like cooking, cleaning, finishing up some book or craft project you had etc; it was waiting for this moment in time. When all is said and done, you will have killed quite a few birds with just one stone.

☺If you have resolve made of the purest steel; and I insist only if you can take any verbal attack calmly and quietly, approach him and give his shoulders a bit of a gentle massage so as to ease the tension that has built up from carrying the weight of the whole world on his back……

☺Don’t be passive aggressive, e.g. by singing hymns or gospel songs with stinging lyrics, I know this is the favorite of a lot of women. Don’t mutter to yourself, bang doors, toss things around etc. What part of ignore didn’t you get?

☺Take anything he throws at you graciously unless it’s physical – then get the hell out of there asap. Answer his pointed questions neutrally  and respond calmly in a nice voice. Become a basin of lukewarm water, so he will neither get scalded nor frozen when he immerses his miserable self in you because you best believe he will try to get you down and this is a slope you don’t want to slip down because, read below:

☺Another pointer for the super strong ladies out there is to try talking to him about what is stressing him. Again, be ready to have your kind words and good intentions turned against you and thrown right back at you, and your gentle feeding hands bitten. Be sure that you can remain cool, calm, and collected at this point because he will work hard at pulling you down and again, you don’t want to fall.

Note that the difficulty in all of these scenarios is relative to the man in question; some are tough and stubborn, others soft and malleable, so take care not to apply more pressure than is necessary. It bears repeating that you don’t want to fall into the moody emotions because once you do, he will trade places with you then jump on your high horse very fast; leaving you there yapping like a mad woman and feeling feelings you have no business feeling.

He’ll be as happy as a demon who caught a break and chastise you, asking you if your mother never taught you how to be a wife/mother, and will push you further down that pit of blind emotional darkness that you never want to fall into.

So if you have the hardened Pharaoh’s heart of stone and tend to slip as easily as I do, refer to my initial advice and stick to it; IGNORE HIM!!

Till next time, stay foxxy and consider yourselves tipped off hahaha….

☺    XOXO   â˜º