Hello there dears! I hope you’re doing great over there, and I’m here to offer some advice today, which you’ve probably heard before, but it bears repeating; do not trap that man. We are in the 21st century and people are still doing this; and it is just sad and absurd. It doesn’t matter if he’s your soul mate, your perfect and better half, the father of your hypothetical kids, etc. Whatever; if he doesn’t want to stay with you just let him go, please! You will work so hard at getting him nailed down in place, and then you will have to work at keeping him interested and working for his true love for the rest of your life, which is bound to be hard work….

Think of him like a cat that you want to put inside a box. If the cat does not want to get in the box and you force him, you will be scratched, and if you manage to put him in the box you’ll have to work hard to keep him in there. Whenever you want to feed him you will have to open the box to quickly throw in the snack and close it as fast as possible, failure to which you may lose your cat, or your eye, or both because in the process you will receive plenty of scratches. Remember, once that pussy cat escapes the box prison, you will never see him again.

Forever ever.

Grim imagery, no?

Let’s get more literal, then.

Imagine going to bed each night, and when he’s not next to you, you know he’s probably out with someone he feels something for, because once you manage to trap him all he will be thinking of is escaping; which is only human. Just ask the women out there who used pregnancy or some kind of manipulation to trap a guy how it’s working out for them and they’ll probably tell you it’s not so great, that is if they are not still so deep in denial that they will lie through their teeth.

I personally know one who did so; trying to force his arm by getting him to sign on some ‘agreement’ that he would never want to have anything to do with the kid and when this did not yield the desired results she carried her pregnant self to his parents. She used all her armor, leaving nothing at all to chance – even using her family’s background and her situation to evoke sympathy and it worked like a charm.

Or so it seemed.

The guy’s mom took pity on her and implored her son to do the same and take her in; she was carrying her future grandchild after all. So she worked her way in, visiting almost every weekend and every time she could spare a moment, telling her new friend and soon to be mom-in-law every dirty little secret she could find of her son, and even a few of the other family members that she could find because, well, who doesn’t like a little spy giving them outside perspective of their family?

Soon enough, she had the child and moved in with the guy and they became the perfect family, she had envisioned, but only for a while because soon enough he was out drinking most nights and hanging out with other girls. She would then report all the goings on to her ‘mum-in-law’ with the hopes that she would reign her son in and get him to act right, but honestly; what mother is going to turn against her son in favor of a woman who she just met? She is also a woman after all, and so she knows all these dirty little tricks that women use where men are concerned.

Eventually the cookie crumbled because she didn’t really like the family and pretense can only last for so long, and she started to resent the regular family visits because she realized that she was on her own and the support she had hoped to get from the guy’s mum had been a thin veil that wore out. It has gotten so bad that you can literally tell from the guy’s expression when he sees the phone ringing that it’s his ‘wife’ because he just gets so damn tired.

She’s also not the best human being to be around to say the least- though she seems to be a good mom, to give credit where it’s due. She’s combative, argumentative, and always has to be the center of attention at all times, and the worst part of her character is that she tries to look like the better person by making other people around her look bad, and getting them in trouble randomly.

So right now watching their lives is kind of like watching some drama movie, and a bit depressing because they lady’s angry, the guy is miserable, and the innocent kids (you read that right; more than one) are caught in the cross-hairs of a fight that they should never have been a part of, and they might grow up scarred when they start to see what’s going on as they cannot escape it.

Moral of the story? You can take a goat/donkey/hyena/ whatever animal it is down to the river by force, but you cannot make it drink the water if it does not want to so save yourself the eternal headache and leave him the hell alone.

They do say to let them go even if you love them, and if they love you too, they will eventually find their way back to you.

The worst part is when you get a kid/kids in the mix like in the story above because then they become just a passport to your destination; and honestly what do you think will happen when you have the kid, then the guy does not want to even look at the poor bastard, who may resemble him beyond denial?

Will you be able to love him/her despite seeing the face of rejection of your love staring back at you, covered in mucus and dirt, asking you endless questions when all you want is some peace to get something done? Will you really be the mother to him/her that every child deserves because they never asked to be brought here after all; they’re just the consequences of your sin? Will you hug them tight and tell them you love them every single day, and that they are the best thing to ever happen to you? Because every child needs that, and you can easily tell the adults that missed it growing up- they are grade A assholes.

Also, child rearing is EXPENSIVE, when you factor in milk, cooking daily for them, milk, a nanny if you are lucky enough to get a job, formula if you can’t/won’t breastfeed, and diapers (or nappies, nappy liners, pins, nylon underwear, mackintosh, and soap to clean them all up if you go the ‘natural’ way), so seriously think about it.

Final thought, life is too short to be spending your love where you won’t get it back, and there’s no point at all to be tapped in a loveless marriage just so you can be called Mrs so-and-so (it’s overrated btw). So stay loving my friends, and do not fall into temptation to do the unthinkably unnecessary;chao!