Hello my lovely foxxes, I trust that you have been well and that you’re chasing your dreams with lots of vigour, working on your well being and what not 🙂

So, early this week I came across a post on Twitter of a scorned woman calling out her ‘co-wife’ and saying she’s left her home to her randy husband and her because she could not stop screwing a man she knew was married. Of course people in the comments had all manner of opinions, from supporting her and consoling her to being shitty insensitive supporters of the guy, or his side chick, or both haha.

I felt her pain because I have been on the receiving end of this nonsense more than once and I knew the range of emotions she must have gone through. She got to putting it up on social media though, and I always stop just one step short of this as I thought it would work against me in the long run because 1, the internet never forgets, and 2, we don’t know what the future has in store for us and life has a funny way sometimes. Plus, keyboard warriors are the worst; they don’t know you and they don’t really care so your chances of being bullied right off the edge of that cliff you’re standing on are very high.

We are all different though, and being a person who never told anyone about it -family, friends, or frienemies- I never understand how someone goes online to air this laundry out….

So it got me thinking of the different ways in which people respond to being cheated on because it occurred to me that there’s quite a few, and I wrote this article up, about the different categories of scorned women out there …. Read on, and be sure to let me know in the comments section which of these categories you fall under, if you dare haha  


I have to say that this is either the most common, or the rarest of the categories, depending on who you listen to. You have to consider the fact that most of those who forgive do not go public with the information in the first place so this survey is grossly off, mainly because they feel shame and feel as if society will judge them for being cheated on (which it does almost always anyway). So rather than be told that the randy animal of a male strayed because she couldn’t cook, or couldn’t sex him right, or placed career or children before him, they choose to stay mum and just swallow the pain caused to them.

This results in one of two things, either the woman will get so bitter from all the heartache and will loathe all other women she perceives might be in a better situation than her, and will live the most miserable life you could imagine. Alternatively she will try to hold it in, but without regular outlet the pressure builds up slowly over time then like a pressure cooler, boom! A homicide, suicide, or both are the worst case scenarios in this case.

The other type of forgiver is the one that is lucky enough to have a partner that truly regrets his action, and works through some healing process religiously resulting in a better future for both, and a happy marriage in the end. If you have one of these unicorns, pray every day that they will not be corrupted by the millions of mules out there lol.


This class is glorified in movies, I guess because, well, drama. She will key your car, or spray paint it lewd things. She will trash the house if it’s yours or throw you out like a dog if it’s hers. She will sue you if she can and will cut off your friend’s and family, calling you all a classless nasty lot that everyone should avoid, then she will leave in a huff after causing as much physical damage as she possibly can afford to.

Sometimes she will be violent, ambushing you when you don’t really expect it or can’t do anything in your defence. Other times she will pretend all is well, but will start to grind glass and mix it in your food, waiting patiently for the day you die an agonizing death then bury you and your nonsense with a perfect poker face. I have to say at this point that I do not endorse any of these actions, at any point or for any reason. Life is sacred and no one has the right to take it away from somebody else.


I have heard that this one is a bad one, mainly because she does to you what you did to her, only more publicly, or with someone that it just kills you to imagine, like your boss, your best friend, your brother, your father….

Because the guy will feel her pain and realize he has absolutely no excuse that can be viable, it hurts all the more especially when he asks the same questions he asked and gets the same responses that he gave; they do say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Most of the time she does this as a last resort and really doesn’t care if you leave her or not, as long as she gave you a taste of your own medicine, then that’s fine with her. For the obvious reasons like disease or an awkward pregnancy especially in the event the two stick together, this method seems to me the equivalent of splattering your own clothes with mud because someone came and sat next to you with mud on THEIR clothes. Love is said to be blind, but some of the times its deaf, dumb, and down right crazy as well… I will stop here because I am not too far from this type of madness, as you shall see in the future if you stick around lol.


This category is men’s favorite one, because there is plenty of huffing and puffing, but no action in the end. She will cry and yell, threaten to kill and threaten to leave, threaten to tear you to pieces with her bare hands and say she will not put up with this shit.

At the end of it all, it will be a lot of words and no action, so the guy often just waits until it blows over, resets and goes back to his side chick next time: rinse and repeat. The more a woman does this, though, the more she demeans herself and sets up the stage for her downfall soon, because everyone knows that a barking dog never bites, her partner will have no reason to change because he can have his cake and eat it too and will get comfortable in his ways.


This one will never see the husband as the actual problem, but will always see other women as the issue with her relationship. We all know that men lie, so sometimes they manage to fool some naive girl that they are in love and she buys it at the recommended retail price. She either does not get to know that the randy goat is married, or knows but falls for the classic ‘we are going through our divorce and I’m miserable but I love you’ crap and while this is not to say it’s a valid excuse, it happens. Or the other woman is simply a classic hoe.

Now the wife comes to know about the affair and what does she do? Gets the other woman’s number and calls her up with threats and insults, or physically goes to her and slaps her around, or if she’s powerful enough she hires a hit man to finish off her competition.

Why does she do this, you wonder, does she not see her guy is the issue? She does, but does not want to accept it, so she resents other women who she feels might be desirable to her man (if he can still be called that), and makes herself his bodyguard, barking at any female entity that dares come near hers.

In my opinion, this just keeps working against her because what she has done is tell her guy ‘whatever you do, (whoever you do), I will be there waiting to catch you when you fall’. So he will keep at it until he gets tired, fat chance of that happening though.

So there you go, what do you think about my list? Did I leave any type of scorned woman unmentioned? Be sure to let me know in the comments section if I have, and until next time, keep it foxxy my dears!!