Hello there, and welcome back! So, I had discussed in some detail fifteen tell-tale signs that the man in your life is wasting your time over here; and because I’m always all about equality, here is the polar opposite of that article; to let the men know when they should leave, because ain’t nobody wants to have their time (and money, love, food, emotions, bed-space etc) wasted 😉

So, is she worth it? Read below the fifteen signs that the lady in your life is wasting your time, and be ye informed!

1-She Only Calls You When She Needs Somethingsweet feedback while wasting your time

And when you have nothing to offer, she disappears or suddenly gets too busy for you. This is obviously the same type of female who will add a prefix or suffix to your name like ‘ATM, dinner, rent, fees’ etc in her contact list. That addition is the real purpose you’re in her life so read the lines, and leave, unless you love being what she’s made you.

2-She Cheats

This is a no-brainer really, because someone that values you and actively wants you in their life would not cheat on you and risk losing you, because she knows this would hurt you, but if you’re just passing through her life, then why not?

3-You Are Never In Her Future Plans

Keep your ears open and watch out for this verbal cue because a woman that wants you in her life long-term will put you there subconsciously. She will talk about a road-trip she’s planning for next week, or a wedding she’s been invited to next month etc, and you will be in the picture, but if she never invites you to future events with her and never alludes to you being by her side in years to come, it might be because she does not even think you will be with her tomorrow, and is simply wasting your time.

is she wasting your time, or are you permanently in her life?4-You’ve Never Met Her Friends Or Family, At Least Not Intentionally

……And even when you do, she introduces you by name and as a friend, not really making any effort to make the show that you are a permanent fixture in her life. If you only ever bump into the people in her close circles accidentally, then it is not in her intentions to have them know you and associate the two of you because you’re a changing face in her life: yesterday it was someone else, today it’s you, tomorrow someone else and next week somebody different. You don’t usually carry disposable dishes to the sink when you use them, mixing them up with the rest of your dishes, do you? Well then go figure.

5-She Still Talks With Exes, Or Potentials

If she’s always checking out other guys, or just stuck in the past and regularly talking with her ex, then she clearly does not have any room in her life for you-at least not at the moment, so just give her the room that she so evidently needs, and do not invest any more in her and all, you will probably get nothing out of this but anger and frustration.

6-She Lets On Very Little About Her

Whenever you talk, she does not care that you know  very little about her, and does nothing to change this situation. Below what’s on the surface, you don’t really know what she’s about, and apart from what she likes (obviously what you can give her or do for her), it does not occur to her to tell you her dreams, aspirations, secret fears, etc.

7-She Does Not Compromise For You

It is well known that women are natural nurturers and so it follows that a woman in love will be even more caring so if she does not give a damn about whether you’re freezing cold and your chest is paining, or if you’re sleeping hungry for the third time this month, it’s safe to say she would at worst be mildly surprised and minutely inconvenienced if you were to drop from the surface of the earth…..

8-She Lies. A Lotlying to you, wasting your time

Okay, so there are people who cannot help but lie, and sometimes a little ‘white lie’ is more necessity than luxury so, if you catch her at a lie plenty of the time, it means she really does not care about her reputation to you, because anybody who intends to be around someone else for a long while will/should care how they come across to them, and what they think about them. Unless they are sociopaths.

9-There Is No Real Romance

When she smiles at you it’s empty and there’s very rare initiations of a light peck or a kiss from her. If you do not feel a certain spark whenever you are with her, there’s nothing wrong with your senses; you just can’t feel what isn’t there and the two of you have no future. This should show you that she’s wasting your time; time that you could be spending with someone else who would reciprocate it…

10-Her Body Language Is Off

When, for instance, you are sitting with her somewhere and trying to make conversation, watch out for whether she’s wholly immersed in the conversation with you, or seems like she would rather be elsewhere, or with someone else. Is she generally facing you, as well as looking at your face and making a lot of eye contact? If she isn’t this could be because she’s extremely shy, or she’s just there with you because she doesn’t have anywhere or anybody else to be with so you’re more of a convenience for her.

does she apologize, or is she wasting your time?11-She Just Won’t Apologize

We all make mistakes every so often, and despite that old, tired saying implying that women are always right, it is completely out of the ordinary if the woman you’re with never apologizes for anything, at any time. Note that the common apology that goes something like ‘I’m sorry, but…….’ is really no apology so it does not count; she’s just pacing down the conversation long enough to get time to explain why she is not sorry. If you cannot remember the last time your woman said sorry to you, it’s either because she’s a warped human being, or she does not value your feelings and sentiments enough to apologize because, well, you’re simply not in her heart.

12-She Randomly Cancels Plans, Sometimes At The Last Minute

This openly shows that she has no value for your time, and if she does not see the importance of you taking the time to do something with her, she does not think you’re important. If it’s a common habit she has of cancelling plans you had made with her, then just read this as a sign that she can do without you, and is probably actively hinting to you to leave her out of your plans, so why don’t you?

13-She Always Gets Her Way

spoilt brat

From picking out a place to go eat, to choosing what fun activity to do for the weekend, it is usually a case of the bigger and the pricier, the better. Also rest assured that this is mostly for her insta handle, and this makes you a bare accessory, and a means to an end. If whenever you suggest a simpler hangout option she frowns, scowls, and generally acts like a spoilt brat until you suggest a more expensive option or yield to her costly demands, read number one above; you’re her (maybe) sole provider, so stay if you’ve always dreamt of running a charitable organization, otherwise leave.

14-You Always End Up Hanging Out In A Group, Rarely Alone

She does not value alone time with you, but prefers a group setting, where she will not have to talk one on one with you, and will have the opportunity to stay on her phone or talk with the other people, after all you will also have other people to talk with and your hands will be full.

15-Does She Ever Actually Listen To You, Or Is It Always About Her?

Whenever you talk, is it a monologue or is it a conversation? Does she ask you questions about yourself and listen to you answer them or does she just go on and on and on about random things involving her? And the catch is that no matter how much she tells you about herself, she barely ever scratches the surface, and it kind of sounds like you are having the terms and conditions of a program or other service being read out to you, and as you can imagine, this would not be enjoyable at all.

So this is it for my list; let me know if there is a sign that I’ve left out of how to know if the lady in your life is wasting your time, or if there is one that should not be here. Understand that though rejection hurts like a b-word, it’s by no means the end of the world, and in fact moving on after a rejection gives you more street cred, and an importance that no money can buy. Also, she may have a friend (who’s better then her, hehehe), who will be glad she did not get involved with you because she wants you for herself……
Do you want to be known as the desperate creep who never gets the hint, or the mature man who deals with rejection calmly and with a level head, because at the end of the day, he knows his worth and is intuitive? Honestly, this is hella sexy, but is not to be confused with giving the cold shoulder to a woman who actually wants you, and whom you want back. Here you cross the narrow line into childishness, so generally, just be real and don’t keep on wasting your time.