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If you have chanced upon my blog just now, this ‘about me’ is going to serve as a detailed introduction to who I am as a person because if you have been reading my previous posts, you may have noticed a subtle (subtlety is relative) tone of darkness in them.
I will not deny that my advice is mostly given in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, and so here’s some questions that I imagine you may ask me when we meet; a kind of online date, if you will.

What Inspired This Blog?

Like many women have realized over time, it serves well to be prepared. Plenty of women in history faced a lot of persecution and opposition and while I believe that this is what made them worth the history books, love also goes a long way in helping a person to be tough. Life, however, sometimes hands you the short end of the stick and you have to be creative with it and make do. I searched long and hard for ways in which I could generate income from home, and at the same time, I longed for a vent for my metric tonnes worth of suppressed anger, and this is the way I chose: a blog, because 1) – I am passionate about writing and 2) – I could vent my lifes’ worth of terrible relationships and unsavoury partners. 

Why Am I So Bitter?

So,am I bitter? Hell yes! And here’s why. I have a kind of stubbornness in me that is hard to miss once you get to know me, and a unique way of thinking that has alienated me from friends in the past and may continue to do so in the future. I am not the type of woman that my mother, or her mother, or yours for that matter was, and the one they tried to make me be as I left home to go and be a wife. 
All of those virtues expounded on in society and the good book of Proverbs, I probably do not have them. What I have instead is a willingness and an ability to be a good person, if the conditions permit. Before you throw rocks at me, I am the way I am because even after religiously putting out, doing chores, being kind, sweet, respectful, and respectable, I still got cheated on.
In short, I am bitter because I went out of my way to become the type of person that would give no reason to get the kind of treatment that I eventually got, and the nasty scoundrel(s) went out of their way to become something that I am not sure I can think about without shuddering violently. Does this show in my current relationship? Sometimes I’m afraid it does, but we’re working on it……

What Do I Do For A Living?

about meI am an architect’s assistant by profession, IT tech in training, poetry-composing beading-maniac by hobby, and a blogger by unemployment.
According to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I am an INTJ, with focus on the leave-me-the-hell-alone (so maybe I’ve been the problem all along, eh?)
We have a garden in which I do mostly subsistence farming, selling whatever little is left over after we eat and stuff.
Wow, was I joking with that first paragraph- this ‘about me’ is a LOT more info than most of my bossom-buddies know hehe.

Do I Have A Family?

 I do have two adorable little angels who are my constant reminder that something has got to give, and there really is hope for everyone out there because if I got the chance to have them, I just might believe in miracles someday soon.
I live with the two of them and their dad. We are both trying to pick up the pieces of whatever got left after the heartbreak(s), because we are both apparently just so many broken pieces held together by the Grace of God Himself, and if not for this blog, I am not sure I would have any other way of coping. Plus, any relationship is an arduous journey, no wonder there are so many movies and series about relationships; though I think that maybe they should feature more in the genres of ‘adventure’, ‘thriller’, ‘horror’, you get the drift…..

What Do I Intend To Get Out Of This?

I intend to entertain you, and help out every now and then; keep myself tethered somewhere as well because this provides me a gateway to vent out my frustrations in a not-so-destructive way, and of course earn those cents from working hard on my blog that eventually translates to big bucks over time (a long time, I suspect, haha).


If it feels as if I am doing more harm than good on this platform, rest assured that that is not my intention. In a world so full of failed marriages and broken relationships, I am just trying to provide some relief for those who may be feeling like me; as though they are drowning in a sea of their own making, so they can know that they are not alone after all.
If you cannot take irony and sarcasm and all the rest of that, then please do not misinterpret my advice and jokes and ruin yourself in the process.
As much as I am currently a very big skeptic of love most times, I believe that if you have it good then you should nurture it, and protect it like you would a super hybrid of indica and sativa *cough*
This is not to say that those in functional relationships should keep off, you are welcome to see what the dark side of love is like as long as you do not get drawn in and start to look for the darkness in your lives because if you look hard enough, you will find it, and you won’t like it one bit. Also, hopefully you will eventually share some lightness here with us.

So this is it for today, and until next time, keep it foxxy! 


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