Hello my good people! I trust you’ve all kept safe and warm, and you are ready to hear about the 11 signs that a woman is not interested in you. This one is obviously another one for the guys, and a kind of extension of the last article I wrote here about how to know if the lady in your life is really just wasting your time and is not in it for the long haul, and I hope it was helpful to some degree; so here’s some more info on women who may be wasting your time, but this time round without any malice and just for the simple reason that they’re not interested in you.

1-She Directly Or Indirectly Tells You She’s Not Interested11 signs that a woman is not interested in you

So I honestly don’t even know what to write and what not to write about this, because as much as it’s all the rage to play hard to get so as not to seem ‘easy’ and ‘cheap’ to your love interest, when she actually says it out loud to you that she’s not interested, this should be the clearest sign, because believe me it takes some nerve to say to someone that you don’t feel anything for them.
Since women are socialised differently from men, most of us may be sweet and shy about it, but after a lot of going to and fro, a woman who is not interested eventually lets you know as much, and you are not doing yourself any favours by choosing to ignore this.
I know that men have some school (hehe) where they are taught that persistence is key, but in this case it isn’t, and pushing a girl who has said to you she’s not interested may push some nasty titles to your name; like creep, stalker, bug, just to mention a few. It’s really bad and downright degrading to be rejected like this, but it’s ultimately better to quit while you’re ahead, and avoid drawing out the inevitable heartbreak.

2-She Avoids Physical Contact With You

When a woman is comfortable around you and sees some potential of being with you, she occasionally and randomly touches your shoulder, your knee, or any other part of you, and not even in a sexual way, as this may indicate lust or something else altogether. If she never brushes her hands even accidentally on you and borderline recoils when you attempt to touch her, this is a sure sign that she does not want anything at all to do with you, so just quit while you’re ahead and give her space, while you look at alternative love interests. Of all the 11 signs that a woman is not interested in you, this should he very easy to read, so easy that thrid parties can see it if you happen to be completely blinded by love.

takes too long to text back3-She Takes Extremely Long To Text You Back

This is of course keeping in mind that we are generally living in a busy and fast-paced environment nowadays but believe me if she wants to talk to you and for you to be in her life, she will find the time, even if she is the head of the rocket assembly division at NASA. Also,  you will definitely feel it in your guts if she’s intentionally putting you at the back with ‘the others’, or if she is genuinely unable to respond to your texts within five seconds, so listen to your gut.

4-You Make All The Effort To Get With Her; You’re Not A Priority

If you are always the one calling her up, suggesting places to go, starting every conversation and so on, just get the hint already and aim your affections away from her because she clearly has other things which she feels are more important to her than you. Before your ego takes any more beating, just turn the other way; it’s very rarely worth it.

5-She Cancels Plans; Often On The Last Minute

When you find that for the third time in a week she is calling to say she can’t make it, or worse, you call her to confirm whether she is on her way and she sighs heavily and says she just bumped her toe against the wardrobe and is now battling for her life, see the bigger picture and walk away because that is her telling you that she does not want to hang out or be with you at all.

6-She’s Practically Always On Her Phone When You’re Together11 signs that a woman is not interested in you

A lady who is interested in you will have the common decency to put her phone down when she is hanging out with you, because, truth be said, it’s just plain rude. Even if she works as the head neuro-surgeon at the local hospital, I’m pretty sure she does not have to be constantly glued to her phone every second, after all, ringtones and notification sounds exist for a reason and not every chime signals something important. If you therefore feel like she is trying to ignore you, you are very right; you would not feel it if it wasn’t actually happening.

7-She’s Polite When With You and Is Not Genuinely Happy

If she smiles kindly and is generally curteous and nice around you, this may be just because she is generally a kind-hearted person who is warm to everyone she is around, so don’t read too much into this as much as you would want to. A lady who wants to be with you will exude a glow that goes beyond common kindness, and you will see it even if you suffer from poor vision, so if you do not see her brimming over the top with joy, just know that she is simply not into you even factoring in mood changes and all of that. A few weeks is enough time to make the right judgement, so don’t wait too long and try to see things that aren’t there.

8-She Sounds Bored When You’re Talking With Her

Anybody who wants to be around somebody else regardless of gender is going to be very talkative around them, and will sound upbeat about it even if they are an introvert because human beings are social creatures (is this the right term? No? Ok, organisms then hahaha). So if your lady-interest sounds like you’re going to have to wake her up in a few whenever you start to converse, this is a sure sign that she is not interested in you. If she was, you would not be able to get her to shut up, not for long anyway.

11 signs that a woman is not interested in you9- She Ghosts You Online

You know how when you are talking with someone you want to talk to the conversation flows and there is always a response to every question asked? If a woman is not interested in you, she will likely often go into periods of long silence online to you, even when you know she is online so she has seen what you have sent but has just chosen to ignore it for a bit. This clearly shows that she is trying to think of something to say but is having a hard time because while she does not want to be rude to you, she does not want to let you into her close circle either.

10-She Will Not Commit To Future Plans Involving You

A woman who is not interested in you will never be able to commit to doing anything with you in the future; she always ‘has to do a rain check’ and keeps you waiting for a response for hours or even days, most often just to flake out at the last minute. A woman who wants your company will be borderline annoying- you will hardly be able to move your feet/plans without finding her somewhere already in them, and this is especially true for the early days of courtship. So, if she never wants to give you a straight response in the affirmative whenever you come up with plans that will involve the two of you spending time together, this is a clear sign that she is not really interested in you.

11-She Uses The Word ‘Friends’ Too Often Around You

When you meet people she knows, or even her relatives, she hastily introduces you as her friend, and even in conversations with you she keeps saying what a good friend you are, and how lucky she is to have a friend like you, emphasis on the ‘friend’. What she is trying to do is to tell you that you are not a bad person, but she is just not interested in you romantically.
While it hurts to hell and back to be thrown in the friend zone by your love interest,  there really is someone for friend-zone: 11 signs that a woman is not interested in youeveryone, and anyone who keeps calling you ‘friend’ even after you have bought her flowers and surprise chocolates the third time this week is definitely not the one for you, so don’t come across as persistent and needy. The strange and silly twist to this is that she may start to be interested in you when you begin to stay aloof; tragic irony right there, but if she did not want you when you actively wanted her, just move along to other pastures, she may actually only be interested in games so unless you brought your P.E. kit with you, walk.
While there’s a strange breed of men out there who believe that someone who is interested in you will be up for sex at the drop of a hat, this is, on the other hand, not often the case because uummm prudence…? So unless she is showing the rest of the signs mentioned above, refusal to get to bed with you should not be a deal-breaker, and if that is what you were interested in in the first place and not her as a person, it should be known that there’s plenty of willing participants out there……
Love does act strange sometimes though, and a lady who was previously not interested in you may suddenly start to want to chat you up, and unless she is only doing this because she heard you got a promotion, bought a car, or won the lottery, then you should give it a second chance if it’s still in your interests, otherwise, just softly ask her to back off because she had her chance but she blew it. For your own peace of mind, don’t ignore these 11 signs that a woman is not interested, because the last sign I should have probably expounded on is that you will feel it in your gut; it seldom lies to us despite us repeatedly ignoring it.

So this is all I have today, I do hope it helped, and until next time, stay safe and open your eyes to the signs; see ya!